C&N Modular Steel Frame Units
Proven and Warranted, Hurricane Resistant, Structurally Strong, Resists Fire and Vermin

C & N Universe, Inc. our parent company, was founded in 2004, by Nak P. Chae (Choi) CEO. The company specializes in ship maintenance and is noted for innovative maintenance problem solving. Recently Choi, working with Bob Link, COO, established a new company to address opportunities and challenges in the housing market—specifically targeting the critical shortage of affordable housing.

The two executives each approached the new venture, C & N Modular Structures LLC, from their individual strengths. With Choi as the leader contributing administrative and organizational expertise and Bob providing marketing skill and focus on product opportunities, C & N Modular Structures LLC has established a solid presence.

As the name of the new company implies, the product focus is on modular homes. The modular homes industry is long established in the United States going back to the 1800s. Modular homes, and other similar structures, are built in factories, like cars, and take advantage of the economies mass production to offer lower prices and swift service to consumers. One of the most important uses of our modular homes is emergency housing. Units can be easily shipped to sites where natural disasters and other large scale destructive events have rendered large populations homeless.

Unlike most of the modular homes industry, C & N units use steel for framing and paneling. The steel panels are corrugated for extra strength making our modular homes resistant to winds of up to 175 mph, 8.0 earthquakes (Richter Scale), fire and vermin.

Please take advantage of our helpful customer service if you have any questions about our products or services. We’d like to get to know you!