A C&N modular structure is a building with a purpose. It could be a home. It could be a store or office. The difference between a modular structure and any other kind of structure is that a modular structure is built in a factory. It’s mass produced and complies with the appropriate building codes. Whether the structure is meant to be a home or a store or extra storage space, the essential difference is that the structure comes right out of a factory with only connections to utilities.
There are a few important benefits to building a structure in a factory. First of all, if we’re talking about a home, for instance, a home you want to move right into without waiting is a significant improvement compared with the average seven months for a site-built home. If you’re buying a modular home from inventory the customized unit will most frequently be delivered on the date the site development is finished. Custom units can be available within two months. Another important reason factory built is favorable is that construction progress is monitored closely throughout the quality control process. C&N is confident a buyer will appreciate the factory’s attention to detail.
The modular home industry in the United States is big and growing and has been big and growing for some time. What C&N Modular Structures brings to the industry is the use of steel for the structural frame and exterior in our modular buildings. The steel framing is designed to be suitable for single family homes and multiple level buildings. The corrugated steel wall panels provide strength and security. Our modular homes can resist hurricane force winds and even Richter Scale 8.0 earthquakes. Not to mention break-ins by criminals, or even accidental force. Your family’s safety is paramount with C&N Modular Structures.
C&N Modular Structures sells our modular structures to accommodate your taste and needs. Wall and ceiling insulation meet and exceed highest R level rankings using foam, blown in and wool alternatives. Inside of the walls the interior design depends on how you will use your structure. You can order a unit as a fully furnished comfortable home. Pick your appliances and decoration. Or if your unit will be put to practical use—storage, exercise, office work, whatever—you can order a unit as a blank canvas with minimal electric service. Inside and outside all choices are yours alone.
The example of any major purchase is applicable here. Like any venture that offers a substantial return, financing offers differ on the basis of location and demand. Our experience is that because modular units have been around for such a long time the financing ground is well covered. It may be that financing a modular structure is not as familiar as, for example, financing a new car. But thousands of units have been financed over time and services are readily available. Just takes a little looking around. C&N staff is ready to assist your financing needs.
Depends. For a modular structure that is going to be a home, the price is comparable any ordinary house—possibly slightly less. However, since our units are multi-purpose the cost varies. Give us a call or come by one of our showings. There’s an elaborate contact section on the C&N Modular Structures website. Tell us what you want to use your modular structure for and we’ll be happy to give you a quote. We can also supply information about where you can see a unit of your choice on display. And sometimes we can supply you with the name of an owner who can show you a unit in action. (Not always available.)

We are only too happy to make the buying process as easy and fulfilling as possible. There’s nothing like buying a new home, for example, or your modular structured cabin in the woods. So, all you have to do to get the buying process started is to give us a call. We have lots of information we are ready to share with you, and our staff will be glad to talk your ear off if you like. Our confidence in our steel framed units is catching and we know it will catch you!
For C&N Modular Structures we prioritize the delivery of a safe, economical, comfortable home. This is important because of the way homes affect people’s lives. It is well known that owning one’s home is a substantial part of living. It’s the proverbial ‘American Dream’ in action. Business would be the next most important use. The ease that one can acquire and maintain a structure fans the breeze of entrepreneur ambition and the health of any local community.
Steel Frame Structural Units have been in existence in Europe and Asia for extended periods. The unit extended life is applicable to both single level units and low rise and high-rise homes, apartments and hotels. Modular Structures of any kind are hearty. But because of the use of steel as the basis of construction C&N is confident that a well-maintained unit can exceed expectations.
Modular building of homes started in the late 1800s. By 1908 Sears, Roebuck and Company made modular big business selling home building kits. Sears stayed with that line of business until 1940. Selling those kits meant people who otherwise couldn’t afford to buy a home got to be homeowners. The kits were complete with what were then modern conveniences. It is estimated approximately 75,000 kits were sold. According to retipster.com some of those houses exist to this day.
Yes. Steel Frame Modular Structure apartments and commercial structures are popular in Europe and Asia due to their economies, ecologically friendly nature, durability and speed of delivery. According to inman.com, using modules builders are able to build thirty story skyscraper apartment buildings in a matter of fifteen days. This is the shortest timeline we’ve heard of.
According to captrra.com since 2008 when the housing market collapsed and dropped the economy into crisis revival is underway. Today, the housing market has improved somewhat increasing 11.4 percent. The median cost of a home in the US is now $200,700. In the last quarter of 2008 it was $180,100. C&N reintroduction of steel framed modular homes is coming at an opportune moment for entry level and custom home buyers.