C&N Modular Steel Frame Units
Proven and Warranted, Hurricane Resistant, Structurally Strong, Resists Fire and Vermin

C&N Modular steel frame units are a tested and proven housing solution. Backed by commercial structural warranty, these units are safe and durable:

  • Steel frame units are wind resistant - tested at 150 mph category 4 to 5 hurricane speeds;
  • Structurally strong in earthquakes - tested at 8.0 on the Richter Scale;
  • Fire resistant - high flashpoint compared to forest fires; and
  • Minimal access to insects and infestation.

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More Information
We can make that happen. Matter of fact we can make that happen pretty easily. C&N Modular Structures would like to introduce you to our modular homes. What’s a modular home? It’s a home that’s built in a factory, like a car or a plane. It’s made out of steel, for strength and durability. And it’s economical and ready when you are.
Where do you live now? Are you a renter? Living in a rented house or an apartment means that the fixed amount you pay for shelter goes straight to your landlord. When you own your home—probably you’ll have a mortgage. For an installed 320 foot starter home the mortgage could be as low as $600. That’s for a 640 square foot, ready to move in modular home. Now the monthly payment has two parts. There’s the interest cost plus what you pay down on the principal. Kiss the interest goodbye. But the principal is almost like a savings account. It’s an investment.
Renters are usually prohibited from making any changes to the apartment or house. When you own your home, you get to do with it what you like. You can add value, increasing the resale price. Your home is more of a reflection of who you are and the way you want to live.
The modular home industry has been around for a while. The first modular homes were available in the late 1800s. They used wood as most homes did. Some were in the form of kits. C&N Modular Structures recently introduced steel to the manufacture of homes. The steel is predominantly corrugated for extra strength. Steel frames and corrugated panels make modular homes substantially resistant to most violent weather. The steel frame and panels make C&N Modular Structures safe even in an 8.0 (Richter scale) earthquake. There’s much more about safety further along on the website.
The fact that C&N Modular Structures are built in a factory introduces important benefits. One of the most important is that factory employees, because they work on the same units every day, are much more familiar with the units and their requirements, than homes that are custom built. This means: Fewer mistakes, closer attendance to detail, highly developed expertise in construction, faster availability for purchasers, close supervision of the manufacturing process, and close attention to plans and execution.
Because the manufacturing process is so precise, our modular homes (and other modular structures) come off the assembly line made to last. The level of quality from close factory monitoring allows C&N Modular Structures to have a long shelf life. Steel Frame modular units have been in service for decades. Durability is not only evident in the long shelf life. Day-to-day wear and tear are also minimized. The units are tough, tough enough to thwart structure break-ins preserving personal safety as well as performance and appearance demands.